Light Map Viewer / Debugger

Easily view the lightmap and lightmap UVs of level actors.

Lightmap debugger mesh selection

This is a light map viewer and debugger that we developed for Unreal Engine. It is available on the Unreal Engine Marketplace:

To track issues/RFEs for this tool, please visit the Github page:

The motivation behind this tool is to make it easier to determine where the problem lies if there are what appears to be lighting artifacts on static actors in a scene. We found that there was not really an easy way to quickly find the correct lightmap for an actor in a level, as well as visualize the light map UVs of the actor. This tool allows one to:

  • View the lightmap for the selected actor in a 2D viewport (similar to the texture editor)
  • Pan and scale to fit the lightmap UVs of the actor overlayed on the lightmap texture
  • View the lightmap projected onto the static mesh in a 3D viewport (similar to the static mesh editor)

This has really helped us to quickly find and diagnose lightmap / UV issues with our static actors.

Once the plugin is installed and loaded a new context menu entry appears in the level editor viewport:

Opening the lightmap debugger for a selected level actor.

Here are some more screenshots of the light map viewer / debugger (mesh selection, lightmap quality selection and LOD selection):

Mesh selection.

LOD selection.

LOD selection